How does Auro Gold work? Simplified

Auro Liquid Gold is blend of purified water and ionic bioavailable minerals that provide a safe and effective way to purify water. Water treated with Auro Liquid Gold delivers superior hydration and has a pure, delicious taste.
Auro Liquid Gold is extracted from biotite volcanic eruptions, a powerful combination of earth′s naturally occurring minerals, through a proprietary process.

Auro Liquid Gold contains ionic minerals with a magnetic quality that have ionic and cationic exchange properties – the ability to donate or receive electrons. The magnetic force pulls contaminants (both insoluble and dissolved) away from water molecules and clumps them together into visible particles.
As contaminants clump together and become insoluble, they precipitate out of solution, and cannot dissolve back into the solution. The precipitated contaminants are heavier than water, so they sink to the bottom and can be easily removed, providing you with the most pristine water. In addition, magnetic ionic minerals activate oxygen that breaks down carbon waste and neutralizes contaminants, so they are no longer toxic. Activated oxygen also kills disease-causing micro-organisms, and prevents bacterial growth. Minerals keep oxygen activated, so harmful contaminants cannot form or grow back in the water.

In summary, without the use of harmful, synthetic chemicals, the sulfate ionic volcanic minerals in Auro Liquid Gold activate water’s natural ability to cleanse itself from chemical and biological contaminants. Auro Liquid Gold contains volcanic ionic sulfate minerals, powerful ions that can break up weak mineral bonds. Because a balance of minerals is present in Auro Liquid Gold , it rearranges ions to form strong and stable mineral bonds. For example, when Auro Liquid Gold is added to water, Sodium Fluoride, a toxic mineral salt which has a relatively weak bond, converts to Calcium Fluoride, a harmless mineral salt that appears naturally in underground water sources and in seawater.



  1. Reduces 159 harmful industrial chemicals, including 80 volatile organic compounds.*
  2. 100% reduction of chlorine, and reduces chloramines and trihalomethanes to below detectable limits.
  3. Reduces 99.95% of tested pharmaceuticals and basic drugs.
  4. Significantly reduces 79 different agricultural chemicals.
  5. Reduces heavy metals in water and from the body+, including aluminium, mercury, lead, and arsenic, by an average of 40% in 30 days.
  6. Converts toxic chromium-6 in water to beneficial chromium-3, an essential dietary element.
  7. Converts toxic Sodium Fluoride in water to harmless Calcium Fluoride, which naturally occurs in various water sources.*
  8. Kills 4 types of disease causing micro-organisms and prevents their growth. Reduces up to 99.85% of tested bacteria, viruses and parasites.*
  9. Provides up to 100 trace minerals that are easily absorbed by the body.

* Tested and proven by independent, EPA-certified lab results

+ Tested and proven by human blood tests



Minerals are essential to our body. Without minerals, the catalysts of cellular reactions (enzymes) cannot function. For example, proteins that transport oxygen in our red blood cells (hemoglobin) must receive their speci c minerals, iron.

Minerals enter our body through foods and water. However, modern industrial and agricultural practices pollute our water and deplete our soil of minerals. Our crops and foods no longer have the correct matrix of minerals. Millions of people around the world suffer from mineral deficiencies, leading to chronic health issues and metabolic disorders.


Auro Liquid Gold provides you with clean water that has complete minerals in the most readily absorbable forms. Because the minerals are dissolved in water, they are easily taken up by our cells to activate enzymes and waken our organs’ activity.


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